Flash Flooding in Sheep Creek Wash (Sunday, September 2, 2007)

(28 miles east of Palmdale, California)

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Looking South, uphill, from La Mesa Road crossingThis water began its ground run with a thunderstorm in Wrightwood, thirteen miles away and 3,000ft up.  This first set of photos was taken at the La Mesa Road crossing.  One hour after the water reached this point, the originating rain clouds have completely vanished; they were above the dark hills at the far right. The un-related thunderheads in the distance are 40 miles away.

(Water crossing Hwy 18 and water crossing the California Aqueduct)


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One notices two distinct kinds of flow that modify the desert floor; a one time sloshing slurry, and the cutting action of fast running water.


The slurry has the appearance of freshly poured cement.  It is easy to see how this type flow adds material to the downstream fan.






The slurry travels across an area like this just once; it does not become part of a long duration flow channel.



The moisture does not penetrate very far into the soil.



The crossing at La Mesa road is re-enforced with a concrete apron.




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Looking downstream (north).



Broad flows and cutting water from previous floods (south west side of crossing looking south).