Sea Music Calendar

Most ports will welcome an itinerant Chanteyman. Here are some places to visit as you travel about the country.



Dana Point: Annual Toshiba Tall Ships Festival (September 8 & 9, 2007)

(Saturday Night Crew Sing - by invitation)

Oakland: Starboard Watch at Quinn's Lighthouse (was every Thursday night – it may be gone)

San Diego: Annual Sea Chantey Fest (September 16, 2007)

San Francisco: Festival of the Sea     (Sep 2006)

                        Monthly Chantey Sing at Hyde Street Pier (First Saturday of every Month)

                       Sea Music Concert Series (check the Event Calendar during Oct,Nov,Dec)

                        Salty Walt & The Rattlin' Ratlines (Last Sunday of every Month)

San Pedro: Los Angeles Area Chantey Sing (Last Friday of every Month, except perhaps December)


Essex: Griswold Inn (Monday nights)

Mystic: Mystic Seaport Sea Music Festival (28th Annual:  June 8-10, 2007)


ChicagoChicago Maritime Festival (February 23, 2008)

Chicago:  Shanties Chicago (Inactive Link: Previous event was Nov 21-23, 2003)


Wheaton: Ship's Company (First Tuesday of the Month)

Baltimore: Ship's Company (Second Wednesday of the Month)

AnnapolisShip's Company (Third Thursday of the Month)

CharlestownShip's Company (Fourth Wednesday of the Month)


New Bedford: Greater New Bedford Summerfest (Inactive Link: Previous event was July 3-4, 2004)

Salem: 18th Annual Salem Maritime Festival (August 4-5, 2007)

Cambridge:  MIT Chantey & Maritime Sing (Third Sunday of the Month)

Gloucester:  Three Sheets Pub Sing (Every Tuesday)

New Hampshire

Portsmouth: Portsmouth Maritime Folk Festival (Last Weekend in September) (Sept 29-30, 2007)

Portsmouth:  Shanty & Forebitter Session, The Press Room (Third Saturday of the Month, 3-7pm)

New York

New York CityChanties at South Street (check for schedule)

                            New York Packet (check for schedule)

Croton PointClearwater Festival (June 16 & 17, 2007)



Seattle: Northwest Seaport Chantey Sing (Second Friday of the Month)


Falls Church: Ship's Company (Fourth Tuesday of the Month)



See the Bitter End Festival List

Canso, Nova ScotiaStan Rogers Folk Festival (First Weekend in July)

Victoria, British Columbia:  Victoria Nautical Song Circle (summer- every Saturday, winter – every other Saturday)


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